00:12 What is the purpose of this study?
00:28 What were the results?
00:40 Which channel drove the most traffic?
00:50 How can you apply this to your own business?
01:07 What are the industries that had the most organic search traffic?
01:27 How did PPC go with travel websites?
01:40 What are the action steps for today?
02:05 What was the core of this study?

Today we’re going to look at a study that was done by the guys over at Conductor. They looked at thirty of their websites.

Thirty of their clients who were spread out over six industries and they wanted to have a look at where all their traffic was coming from. Was it coming from organic, paid search, referral search etc?

What they found over the year long study was that 310 million visits went to all of these sites. Out of that 310 million, around half of that was from natural search; from organic search engine results.

Now it’s good if you have a website that was in one of these industries just to benchmark and to see how your traffic comes to your site and see where these large sites get their traffic.

Now they found similar results for consumer electronics, education and online retail. Most of the traffic to these websites came from organic search.

They found that with banking and financial websites, there was a lot of direct traffic and they attributed that to people going direct to the online banking functions of the site.

seo study will mullins

Then for tourism they found a very interesting result. They found that PPC, (Pay Per Click), Google Ad words was around similar result to organic search.

This shows you that tourism websites, hotel websites found a lot of success with paid advertising and they spent a lot of their marketing dollar on that.

The takeaway from this is that if you have a website, which is in one of these industries, this is a good indication of where you should be spending your marketing dollar.

Should you be focusing on Pay Per Click advertising or SEO organic search result listings and also it’s interesting to see that the core of all these industries, that the starting point was organic search results.

That really was the most important and the way that they got most of their traffic.

Okay, thanks for watching today. I’m Will Mullins. See you next time.

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